Why Civil Cad Group?

CCG Consulting Engineers  is a leading privately owned to contribute and improve the urban movement and its development through the implementation of construction projects for various government and private sectors offering a wide range of professional services on surveying, highway, transportation, traffic studies, quality control, utilities and environmental engineering. It was founded in 1994by highly qualified consultants. This firm is managed by Dr.Yasser Mogahed.

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What We Do ?

CCG Consulting Engineers concentrates experience since it was founded in the following different engineering fields:

  • Geometric Design of Highways (links, intersections, parking areas, etc.).
  • Pavement Design of Airports.
  • Structural design for Flexible and rigid Pavement.
  • Highway maintenance studies.
  • Laboratory Testing of Highway Construction materials.
  • Supervision and quality control of highway construction.
  • Preparation of tender documents.
  • Planning and traffic studies.
  • Surveying works using total stations, GPS for new sites as initial work to produce surveying maps (layout, grid leveling, etc ...).
  • Quantity survey.
  • Monitoring all types of building to determine the horizontal and vertical movements with the time.
  • Supervision of control network.
  • Tunnel surveying.
  • Geographic information system GIS.
  • Quality control for earth works.
  • Develop operational plans for grading works for various projects.
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Our Projects