What We Do ?

CCG Consulting Engineers concentrates experience since it was founded in the following different engineering fields:

  • Geometric Design of Highways (links, intersections, parking areas, etc.).
  • Pavement Design of Airports.
  • Structural design for Flexible and rigid Pavement.
  • Highway maintenance studies.
  • Laboratory Testing of Highway Construction materials.
  • Supervision and quality control of highway construction.
  • Preparation of tender documents.
  • Planning and traffic studies.
  • Surveying works using total stations, GPS for new sites as initial work to produce surveying maps (layout, grid leveling, etc ...).
  • Quantity survey.
  • Monitoring all types of building to determine the horizontal and vertical movements with the time.
  • Supervision of control network.
  • Tunnel surveying.
  • Geographic information system GIS.
  • Quality control for earth works.
  • Develop operational plans for grading works for various projects.