Road Networks Design of Some Projects in Arab Countries
  • The industrial zone in Kuwait.
  • Rukan resort in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The development of a parking area and roads surrounding of Amana Al Dammam - Saudi Arabia.
  • University of Umm Al Qura in Saudi Arabia.
  • University of Dammam in Saudi Arabia.
  • Master Plan-road design for the uiversity of Jabir Ibn Hayyan in Iraq.
  • Oglo zone in Libya.
  • Agkhara zone in Libya.
  • Gallo zone in Libya.
  • Alwahat zone in Libya.
  • Soak Algomaa zone in Libya.
  • Ain Zara zone in Tripoli - Libya.
  • Jomom - Alzimh road - Saudi Arabia.
  • Jazan University - Jizan City - Saudi Arabia.